D sqrt -400 test campaign I

The Story So Far

Part I

Two heroes went looking for a document that was being used to blackmail a local official. To this end, they went into a seedy bar and paid the bartender for the location of the thief. The thief overheard them asking, and led them into an ambush, where the mage died from a spell backlash. The game ended so that hit points could be adjusted.

Part II

Three heroes were paid to investigate unusual sounds in a graveyard. They discovered that a group of deep elves were producing the sounds to drive off potential investigators. The deep elves offered them favors in exchange for help retrieving an Outside idol from an underground complex. They entered the complex, battling zombies and a shoggoth, but attracted attention and had to hole up in an unoccupied room. A deep elf they had brought with them for knowledge of how to safely handle Outside artifacts sent a message to the deep elves on the surface, and arranged an extraction. The surface deep elves sent in another adventurer, who trapped the remainder of the complex security in their mess hall, defeated the patrol that had them holed up, and made good their escape.

Adventure Rewards

  • 8 experience each
  • 10 g each
  • 1 travel pass (Cold Wind Stabilized Abyss) each



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