Kir Chala

Kir Chala is an island in the Varilian Group, colonized many generations ago by the Salin Empire in its later days. It is home to the Theogenic Rift, an abyss that spawns gods from the Outside; and The Underground, a cavern complex operated by worshipers of those gods.

Kir Chala’s major population center is in a damp and warm bay, with a population of 6431. The artifacts (in an archeological sense) of a precursor population are of historical interest, and are Kir Chala’s major export. In order to maintain this trade, the inhabitants shroud themselves and the artifacts in mystery.

There are three social classes: lower, middle, and ruling. Despite being a nominal meritocracy, vertical mobility is difficult.

Kir Chala is technologically at about a Bronze Age level, but has magic that is about equivalent to the technology of the 1300s Middle East.

Kir Chala

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