The Underground

The Underground is a cavern complex beneath Kir Chala operated by worshipers of gods spawned from the Theogenic Rift.

History (Order of the Bound Sky)

Following the Breaking of the Sky, the High Outsiders were able to enter the dreams of mortals en masse for the first time. To accelerate their conquest of this world, they attracted cults, and granted them the knowledge of how to open portals into “nearby” (such as that term can be applied to such) abysses. A typical such cult is the “True People” of Kir Chala, who are close to the Theogenic Rift. They draw idols from it, which correspond to no known god. Because of the consequences of a god of the Outside manifesting permanently in this world, this cannot be allowed.

—Rikisin v’Arlon, drow historian


  1. Decoy. This level resembles an elaborate tomb, and is intended to deter intruders. If it is functioning properly, its security features (primarily zombies and shoggoths) will not activate. There is no obvious way from this level down, but there are secret doors used to access it from lower levels.
  2. Barracks. This level is military housing, protecting the complex from intruders. The mess and military dorms are on this level, as well as a small judgement hall where a Judicator welcomes occasional guests and carries out justice.
  3. Unknown. No one from the surface or the sky has thus far reached this level.

The Underground

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